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  • Koenders Windmills Inc
    • 2011 ABEX Environmental Award (nominated and finalist)
    • Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce
    • 2012 Paragon Export Award (Regina Chamber of Commerce)

Koenders Windmills

Koenders Windmills innovated windmill aeration systems over 25 years ago. With over 50,000 windmill aeration systems installed in North America we are the Proven Leaders in the Market.

One man with a dream. That’s how it all started in 1988.

Building on that dream, Koenders Windmills Inc. has grown into being the manufacturer of the most effective, reliable and affordable Aeration systems in the world.

Through all of the inevitable changes of life, one thing remains constant – "The World Needs Clean Water". Clean water is the one thing that every living creature on earth depends on for life itself. Koenders Windmills Inc. is proud to work with Mother Nature in protecting her most valuable resource.

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Koenders Fountain Aeration Systems

Difference between Fountain Aeration – Surface Aeration VS Windmill or Electric Aeration – Bottom Up Aeration

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Video Testimonials

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“We’ve had that windmill behind us for about 10 years now. It does a tremendous job of keeping the ice off in the winter and therefore assures that our fish will survive. One of the nice things about it is once you’ve paid for the windmill there are no operating costs – virtually it works for free. It does a great job of keeping the pond healthy and the fish happy, adding oxygen and degassing the pond.”

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Customize Your Pond Windmill

powder-coated windmillCreate your own custom painted windmill with our wide selection of weather-resistant powder coated finishes.

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Unsurpassed 3 YR Product Warranty

We have been manufacturing and distributing the Koenders Windmill, Electric Aerators and Air driven Water Pumps for over 17 years. Our focus is to build top quality, reasonably priced products to help ensure everyone has access to clean water, be it for livestock or for household use. We back our pond aeration windmills with a 3-year product warranty.

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Windmill Products & Accessories

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None of this could be done without the total commitment of our staff – over 112 years of combined experience and still going strong! Our staff share a dedicated commitment to our products, offering the best quality aeration systems at reasonable prices. Read our Mission Statement.

Our products are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail. Shipping is personal and suited to your needs. Technical Support, Marketing, Accounting – all of our people are dedicated to customer service. The true worth of a company can be judged by the commitment of the employees. We have the best!

To purchase a Koenders windmill or accessories, you can Order Direct Online or use our Locate a Dealer form to find the dealer closest to you.

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Quality and commitment… we offer both.