About Us

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. is the innovator and world’s leading manufacturer of windmill aeration systems. The Company was founded in 1988 to offer farmers and pond owners environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to keep pond water clean.

Since this time, the company went on to design and manufacture Electric Aeration Systems in the 1990′s. Then continued on to innovate Pond Conditioners in the early 2000′s.

Working with a team of biologists and pond water application engineers, Koenders Water Solutions set out to design North America’s first all-inclusive chemical free pond conditioner; an “All-In-One” complete natural solution for the Pond Care market. The result of this effort is “Nature’s Pond Conditioner” ™ which was launched in 2007.

Koenders’ commitment to the environment, experience, and determination to change the way people care for their ponds has grown the business to over 80,000 customers in almost every region of the world.

Koenders’ Pond Conditioners and Aeration products are an affordable, effective and sustainable alternative to getting ponds clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

“Saving the Planet’s Water Nature’s Way” ™ is more than our corporate tag line….

…It’s our PASSION.