Koenders Yardmills

Yardmill is designed to be a decorative or ornamental windmill.

For people who like windmills and do not have a pond – the backyard
windmill is a beautiful decorative addition to a garden or backyard

Koenders Yarmill is built with top quality standards. The backyard
windmill is 12 ft tall looks great beside a pond or in a garden in your

Windmill Design Features:

Comes in multiple decorative and non rust options – galvanized steel -
Powder coated colors available: Bronze, Green & Yellow

We are dedicated to the design, testing and perfecting of our products.

To Purchase a Koenders Windmill

To purchase a Koenders windmill or accessories, you can Order Direct Online or use our Locate a Dealer form to find the dealer closest to you.

Customize Your Pond Windmill

powder-coated windmillCreate your own custom painted windmill with our wide selection of weather-resistant powder coated finishes. See our Powder Coated Windmills page or call our toll free number 1-888-777-4933 to pick your color selection.