Air Driven Water Pumps

Koenders Optional Water Pumping Capabilities

Air Driven Water Pumps are specifically designed to work with Koenders Windmills and/or Electric Aerators. You can transfer water from a well or pond into a stock tank, you can trickle irrigate a garden or whatever you choose.

The Traditional Air Driven Water Pump Methods are the Koenders Verta 6 and SW16 Pumps that are listed below. An additional method that customers may want to explore is the Air Lift Method.

Koenders Verta 6 Water Pump (Dia. 6-1/4″ x 60″ L)
This vertically submersible model is suitable for hand dug wells or cased wells no smaller than 6 inches in diameter. (adapters for 5 inch well casings are available)

This pump needs to be submerged in at least 6 feet of water and secured or weighted down with at least 80 pounds of weight. Only 3 moving parts ensure low maintenance. A great option to add to your aeration system!

Verta 6 produces up to:
Lift Litres U.S. Gal. Minutes
10 ft. 10.9 2.9 1
20 ft. 8.7 2.3 1
30 ft. 6.8 1.8 1
40 ft. 4.9 1.3 1

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Koenders SW16 Water Pump (Dia. 9″ x 22″ L)
Even in shallow water conditions, this horizontal pump has the ability to send water from your pond to where it is needed. It requires that it be submerged in at least 24″ of water and weighted down with at least 80 pounds of weight for effective operation.Be sure to ask your dealer about adding a pump to your Koenders Aeration System.

SW16 produces up to:
Lift Litres U.S. Gal. Minutes
10 ft. 11.0 2.9 1
20 ft. 8.8 2.3 1
30 ft. 6.6 1.8 1
40 ft. 4.3 1.1 1

Shallow or Deep Well Water Pumping Using the Air Lift Method

This method of pumping water with the use of air pressure has been used in the mining industry for years. Recently, our engineers tested it out with Koenders Windmill Aeration systems and it works as well providing certain criteria are in place.

Air lift operates by the injection of compressed air into the water inside of a discharge pipe, at a point below the water level in the well. Injection of the air results in a mixture of air bubbles and water, which being lighter than water outside the discharge pipe, forces the air/water mixture up.

Two critical factors in air lift pumping are:

Koenders Air Pumps

Submergence always means the depth of air line below the pumping level, rather than the static water level in the well. Best performance occurs when approximately 60% of the airline is submerged. If the percent of
submergence is too low, the system will not work. The piping assembly used for air lift pumping consists of a vertical discharge pipe and a smaller air pipe or air line.

A foot piece that breaks the air into many small bubbles improves the efficiency of the airlift. A foot piece can be made by drilling a number of small holes (1/16″) in a short piece of copper tubing (1/2″) and attaching it to the lower end of the air line. The part of the tube with the holes should extend at least two feet into the discharge pipe. The energy that is available to operate the air lift is that contained in the compressed air. Compressed air is then forced down the air line and released inside the discharge pipe.

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