Decorative Fountains powered by Koenders Water Solutions

Koenders offers the most cost effective, proven and tested fountain on the market. It is a proven fountain that has been on the market for over 15 years and as with our windmills, have thousands installed in North America.

Fountains can act as surface aerators, though surface aeration is recommended only in the shallow areas of the pond as fountains are much less efficient than bottom-up aeration for increasing oxygen levels. Fountains do have more visual appeal though than bottom-up aerators and add to the decor of the pond! Essentially, the splashing of the fountain water traps oxygen in the top 6 inches to 1 FT of the surface pond water. We include our aeration and decorative nozzles to increase the oxygen capture and depth that the surface aeration will go down. The deeper the splash the further down the oxygen penetration goes which helps with the circulation flow in the pond. Surface aeration also assists with minimizing the amount of insect breeding in the pond by providing consistent surface agitation.

Decorative Fountains use very little amperage as you can see by the specifications chart below. Our fountains come with 100 FT of electrical cord instead of the 50 FT that comes with many of the fountains on the market.

Installing the fountain in the shallow areas of the pond and the windmill or electric aerator diffusers in the deeper areas of the pond is the ideal solution. Using our timer that is included with the fountain and setting it to use only a few hours a day will lower your electricity bill and lengthen the life of the fountain. Use a bottom up aeration system to keep your pond clean and healthy while your fountain provides the decor for your pond.

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Koenders Fountain Aeration Specs

Decorative Fountains
Model Decorative Fountains
Motor ½ hp
Voltage 115 Volt
Cord 100ft
Timer Yes
Warranty 1 year limited warranty on pump
Safety UL/CSA
Spray pattern (wide V nozzle) 4 interchangeable nozzle patterns
Spray height: 12-14 feet, Spray width: up to 25 feet
Gallons per hour Over 4,100
Running amps 5.0 (may be less depending on nozzle)
Min. Water depth 1½FT
Average hourly electrical cost (based on $0.10kw/hr) 5½ cents
Average cost to move 10,000 gallons 13½ cents
Recommended shallow pond area for aeration Upto ½ acre
MRSP. $949
Optional 3 light kit $495

fountainAerationSystems01 fountainAerationSystems02

Filter and Timer

Koenders Fountatin Aeration systems includes a timer to facilitate time of day and energy efficiency.

  1. Mount timer near 110 Volt power source and out of reach of high water.
  2. Open door and uncoil plug and wire. Feed it through the access hole located in the bottom right side of the timer box.
  3. Run the pump plug up through the access hole located on the left side and plug into the outlet marked “TIMED.”
  4. Set the timer pins (Green/On, Red/Off) for the hours you would like the fountain to run.

Koenders Fountain Aeration System uses a filter system to ensure that weeds do not get caught in the motor.

  1. Slip the flanged end of the filter over the base of the pump housing. Make sure the filter is completely snug against the base of the filter
  2. Install the screws using a 5/16″ “nut driver”, being careful not to over tighten. The screws will drill their own hole as you tighten.


Shallow Water

Koenders Fountain Aeration Systems – Shallow Water Set Up in water as shallow as 1 ½ FT Deep.

The “Shallow water configuration” is designed to sit horizontally. This reduces any debris being sucked from the bottom and into the intake in shallower ponds and allows the units to be placed in water too shallow for the regular configuration.

  1. Set the pump on its side making sure that the shallow up-pipe is facing up and centered over the pump as shown in Fig. 1.
  2. Follow the normal assembly instructions on page one allowing the pump to sit on its side as shown in Fig. 2.


Lighting Kit and De-Icer Features

Koenders Fountain Aeration System – Lighting Kit

The lighting kit gives your pond a nice look during the evenings when your fountain is running. A really nice decorative option that comes with a timer and is energy efficient.

Light Instructions (part A)

  1. Complete Fountain Assembly Instructions.
  2. Unpack lights and set them underneath the fountain.
  3. Place the lock washers on the bolts (both provided with the light kit).
  4. Slide the bolt through the hole in the light bracket and tighten into the brass insert on the underside of the float.
  5. Attach Light wire to the provided transformer as follows.

12v Transformer Set-Up

  1. Loosen the screws in Post A and Post B on back of Transformer.
  2. Slide each wire behind the metal shields. NOTE: It does not matter which wire is attached to either post.
  3. Tighten the screws in Post A and Post B and unit is ready to plug in. NOTE: Failure to attach the lights thru the transformer will damage the lights and void the warranty.
  4. Set the Transformer/timer pins (Black/On, Red/Off) for the hours you would like the lights to run.

Timer/Lighting Set-up

  1. Mount Fountain timer near 110 Volt power source and out of reach of high water.
  2. Open door and uncoil plug and wire. Feed it through the access hole located in the bottom right side of the timer box.
  3. Run the Fountain pump plug up through the access hole located on the left side and plug into the outlet marked “TIMED.”
  4. Run the Light transformer plug up through the access hole located on the right side and plug it into the outlet marked “LIVE”.
  5. Set the Fountain timer pins (Green/On, Red/Off) for the hours you would like the Fountain to run.
  6. Plug the Fountain timer box into an outlet. (GFCI Protected outlet recommended).


Koenders Fountain Aeration Systems can be used during the winter months to keep a small area in the shallow end of your pond open. This helps vent off any toxic gases in the pond and it provides oxygen and circulation in the shallow end of the pond to keep the small fish alive during the winter months.

Fountain De-icer Assembly Instructions

  1. Remove fountain from water.
  2. Remove the nozzle, bushing, and 0-ring.
  3. Remove the float from the fountain.
  4. Screw the de-icer unit onto the 1 1/4″ threads on top of the up-pipe. Hand tighten snug, plus 1/8 turn. Do not wrench tighten.
  5. Remove the cap from the de-icer. Apply thin coat of petroleum jelly to threads.
  6. Place the float onto the top of the de-icer and replace 0-ring and de-icer cap. Hand tighten snug, plus 1/8 turn. Do not wrench tighten.

NOTE: De-icer is meant to be used without a display nozzle. If display is left on, it will be very small and can freeze in cold weather. De-icer will not work in shallow water.


Koenders Fountain Aeration Nozzles

Our (Fountain) Surface Aeration system comes with a number of different nozzles to choose from in order to suit the tastes of our customers. The more fine the spray – the less effective the surface aeration and the more evaporation of water can occur from the pond. In the hot summer months we recommend using geyser or V spray nozzles.

The Nozzles are easy to replace and change and instructions are included with your Fountain

Wide-V Pattern Only

  1. Set up Wide-V pattern by inserting Plastic Plug (G) into the Baffle (A) inlet.
  2. Screw Threaded Collar (D) onto the Bushing (C). Hand tighten.
  3. Push Diffuser (B) down onto Baffle (A).
  4. Insert Set Screws. Hand tighten screw (H1), allowing for a 1/8″ gap between the Diffuser (B) and the Baffle (A). Turn screw (H2) clockwise into barrel of Baffle (A) to diffuse geyser.



Koenders Fountain Anchoring System

Koenders Fountain Aeration System is easy to assemble and install. You will simply require some nylon rope. As small as 1/8″

Bottom method, tie off ropes and drop blocks in opposite directions of each other. Bring ropes up to the center and tie off to the holes in the sides of the float. This method will require entering the pond in person or by boat.

Shoreline method, tie ropes to the float and tie off one side to the shore. Set fountain in the water, being careful not to allow mud into the pump. The opposite rope can now be walked to the opposite side of the pond and anchored once the fountain is located in the area of the pond that is desired.

Listed below is a depiction of the two Fountain Anchoring systems. Your fountain may look a little different, but the anchoring set-up will be the same.


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